Sewer Smoke Testing In Charles County Starts September 30th

Charles County Government has hired Flow Assessment Services, LLC to perform a study of the county’s sewer system, starting on Monday, Sept.30. The purpose of the study is to locate storm water sources that might be connected to the sanitary sewer system. Connections such as catch basins, roof drains, area drains, broken sewer pipes, and open pipe joints will be located through a method called smoke testing.

The testing is performed on sewer manholes that are typically located in the streets or near your residence. Non-toxic and non-staining white smoke is inserted into the sanitary sewer system by means of a smoke generating device. During the test, it is normal to observe smoke emitting from the manhole covers on the street, vent pipes located on the homes, and local business establishments. In the unlikely event that smoke enters your building, please do not become alarmed.

Homes and businesses will receive fliers when testing will be performed within 24 to 72 hours. Heavy rain or weekends could possibly shift the testing beyond the 72-hour time frame. It is not necessary for you to be home while the testing is being performed.

The goal of this program is to reduce sewer maintenance costs and minimize floodin