La Plata Lions Club Donates To CCSO Project Lifesaver Program

The La Plata Lions Club donated $2,000 to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office’s Project Lifesaver Program. Master Corporal Rhett Calloway and Lieutenant Bill Edge attended the event to celebrate and receive the donation. Project Lifesaver is a program designed for the families of children and adults with autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s or related conditions. Often, people with these conditions have a tendency to wander away or go missing. With the help of the Project Lifesaver tracking system, officers can often find missing people much faster. Project Lifesaver gives participants a wristband which has a tracking device installed. If a participant is reported missing, a team of specially trained officers will use the tracking device to search for the missing person. The tracking device picks up on signals and lets an officer know if they are close to the missing person.